1.    All of the following celebrities will turn 40 this year EXCEPT:

       K     Gwyneth Paltrow

       L      Eminem

       M    Justin Bieber

       N     Cameron Diaz

       O     Ben Affleck


2.    What band sings these lyrics: "Step into the shadow.  Forty-six and two are just ahead of me."

       A     Metallica

        B     Aerosmith

        C     Tool

        D     Coldplay

        E     Van Halen


3.    What is the Roman numeral for 40?

       A     LX

        B     XXXX

       C     CX

       D     XL

       E     VII


4.    What's the traditional 40th wedding anniversary gift?

       K     Gold

       L      Silver

       M    Paper

       N     Chocolate

       O     Ruby

5.    Who was the ORIGINAL host of the American Top 40 radio program?

       K     Ryan Seacrest

       L      Kidd Kraddick

       M    Dick Clark

       N     Casey Kasem

       O     Howard Stern


6.    Which ONE of these celebrities turned 40 this year (yesterday as a matter of fact)?

       A     Maya Rudolph

       B     Nolan Ryan

       C     Demi Moore

       D     Katy Perry

       E     Tom Cruise


7.    What sporting event was canceled in 1940 due to the onset of World War II?

       K     Wimbledon

       L      Olympics

       M    Super Bowl

       N     Stanley Cup

       O     World Series


8.    The 1983 song, "Red Red Wine", is sung by which band?

       A     The Forty-Fours

       B     Ro40 (RIP)

       C     54-40

       D     UB40

       E     38 Special


9.    Doctors generally recommend that men start which of the following at age 40?

       K     Exercise

       L      Prostate exam

       M    Screen for dementia

       N     Teeth cleaning

       O     Blood pressure measurement


10.  What is the French word for 40?

       A     quarante

       B     catorce

       C     perro

       D     daichead

       E     flora


11.  What temperature is 40 Celsius when converted to Fahrenheit?

       K     104

       L      0

       M    32

       N     215

       O     60


12.  What is 40 times 40?

       A     800

       B     160

       C     80

       D     16,000

       E     1600


Text Box: _____  _____  _____  _____  _____  _____  _____  _____
_____  _____  _____  _____

	If your answers don't make sense,
	find a Race Staff Member for help,

The circled letters of your answers spell

       out your next destination (don't let

       other teams hear you).  Drive to this

       destination and park in the parking lot.

       Find a clue box containing your next

       clue along the sidewalk path.

       If your answers don't make sense,

       find a Race Staff Member for help,